Dollies Making A Difference
c/o Cindy Simon
440 Toyopa Drive
Pacific Palisades, CA  90272

310 500 4276

We are always in search of persons and/or organizations who would like to partner with us.

If you know of  a medical mission team of volunteers, church group, disaster relief group, or humanitarian organization whose members would like to personally carry our Dollies and colorful Teddy Bears into the arms of a child, please let us know! Perhaps you are going on vacation to a far away place where there is a health clinic, impoverished school, or orphanage nearby and you could arrange a visit and distribute Dollies and colorful Teddy Bears. We can help you make that happen!  Maybe you want to brighten a child’s day who is at a homeless shelter, nursery school, or children’s hospital close to home in your own community. Please contact us.

We want to connect with medical personnel or community volunteers who are “on the scene” of a natural disaster (tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, etc.) who could provide outreach and comfort to a child by handing her/him a small Dollie or Teddy Bear to cherish.

If you have yarn, trim, ribbon, thread, Ric Rac, lace, colorful cotton or flannel fabric which you would like to donate to Dollies Making A Difference, please let us know. If we can’t use it, often times we know of another group who can.

We welcome financial support to fund the costs of our supplies, shipping, and DMAD grants to worthy non-profit organizations who partner with us.
*Organizations who willingly accept them without reserve, and who have agreed to distribute them to recipients they deem worthy. The community members and directors of Dollies Making A Difference disclaim any and all liability for any damage or injury whatsoever that may arise out of the transportation of these donated items, or the receipt of them. By accepting these donations, an individual and/or organization waives any and all possible claims it could have against Dollies Making A Difference and its Directors.