A happy little boy in the Ukraine

October 31, 2014 Blog Post

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Dollie lady Dr. Laure Weber traveled this month to the Ukraine, where she serves in a professional capacity as a psychologist for Doctors without Borders. Dr. Weber  is currently in the village of Svetagorsk, and will make her way to Artemousy which is closer to the front lines of the conflict. Each day she travels with a translator and two Ukrainian psychologists to different villages, towns, and cities near the fighting.  She gives trainings on trauma to groups and holds individual consultations.

We sent Laure with a few dollies and teddy bears, knowing she would be meeting children in need of “something special, made just for them, with love and compassion”.

Here is what Laure emailed us today:

” I hope you and all the Dollie ladies are well.  I wanted to share this darling photo with you.  This is a little boy traumatized by all the bombing and shelling he has experienced, but he was so happy to receive the teddy and to be able to KEEP IT for always.  He couldn’t believe that it was his to keep.  He had to leave his home and all he knows because of the fighting.  Thank you Dollie ladies for your initiative and generosity.  xo Laure”