Hermosillo, Mexico

November 3, 2014 Blog Post

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In October we sent dollies and colorful teddy bears with the doctors and nurses from Minneapolis, MN Children’s International Surgery (CSI) as they traveled to Hermosillo, Mexico.  They have made this trip every year since 2005. On this particular visit, they partnered with medical professionals from St. Andrew’s Clinic of Nogales, AZ .  The team of doctors screened 89 children and out of those, selected 46 for surgery.  They will be performing rhinoplasties on six teenagers, and cleft palate surgery on the younger children.

According to the CSI blogpost on their website: “The families are so grateful, and even the kids seem to leave with a look that they are happy to have stopped by…or maybe they’re just happy to be high-tailing it out of here before we decide to do something else!” 

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