Mending Kids International to China

November 3, 2014 Blog Post

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Mending Kids International (MKI) is a medical mission organization based in Burbank, California which travels all over the world providing health related services to children in need. In October MKI teamed up with pediatric surgeon Dr. Phillip Frykman of Children’s Hospital LA and Cedars Sinai to travel to Beijing, China.

On this trip, MKI partnered with the non-profit Show of Hope (SOH), which works to provide “care for orphans, thus restoring the hope of a family to orphans in distress around the world”.  SOH was founded by Grammy Award recording artist Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife Mary Beth, who adopted their daughter Shaohannah Hope in 2000 from China.  From this experience grew their desire to do something about the millions of waiting children in China who still needed loving families.  SOH provides “Adoption Financial Aid Grants” which help fund the adoption process.  SOH also has built “Show Hope’s Special Care Centers” which provides critically needed medical care to over 1,000 orphans with special needs.

Our contact at Mending Kids International is their Social & Financial Services Manager, Chaoyi Liu who was excited to be traveling on this medical mission trip to Bejing, China.  Chaoyi sent us some wonderful photos…BUT FIRST, A VIDEO!!





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