Havana, Cuba

December 17, 2014 Blog Post

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Dollie Ambassadors Chantal and Sara took a recent journey to Cuba, where they immersed themselves in the culture and lifestyle of this small country.  Chantal reported back “Here we gave dollies to kids we met who were playing in the streets with firemen in Playa municipality, Havana, Cuba.  We were not permitted to pre-arrange a visit to a school or orphanage, but as you can see we made these children happy!  We encouraged them to share the dollies with their siblings and friends and cousins.  They said, “Of course!”  The boys were just as cute and happy as the girls.  Our travel companions thought that Dollies Making A Difference was such a great undertaking and noticed that Sara and I had far more success in spreading happiness and cheer by handing out dollies than they did with their postcards and pens! “

A few days after Chantal and Sara returned home from their visit, the following news broke – Coincidence? Maybe… but we dollie ladies know what good things happen when we get involved!