Dollie Annual Holiday Party, Awards Celebration, Cookie Exchange 2014

December 22, 2014 Blog Post

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The ladies of Dollies Making A Difference (DMAD) gathered for our annual Holiday party at Rita Cohen’s home, which was decorated to the hilt and full of love and cheer.  Rita hosted us with a delicious buffet dinner which everyone enjoyed.  Each Dollie lady brought (3) dozen home baked cookies for the Cookie Exchange.  It was not easy for the judges to choose a winner.  Here is Pat (in her gorgeous red sweater) perusing the many options.


While there were many award winners in a variety of categories (“Most Christmas Cheer” “Best entry of delicious cookies we know you didn’t bake but are so good it doesn’t matter” “Most reminds us of our childhood” “Best resembles a pacifier” ) the Grand Prize went to Nita Harper for her chocolate covered Ritz crackers. That’s Anne in the background, who is taking over as treasurer in 2015 from Marsha.


Cookie Contest Judges: Tyler, Mia and Bill


Cindy announced that since we initiated the DMAD Financial Grants this year, that we would not be awarding the Dollie-Do-Gooder awards as we had in years past.  The great news is that this year we have issued a total of (12) grants in the total amount of $10,200 to worthy organizations who have partnered with DMAD (for a list of each grant, please look at our website under the upper tab GRANTS)

Since we began our work in the spring of 2011 we have distributed a total of 6412 dollies and teddy bears to children all over the world –  200 times (some are repeat customers). We have given dollies and teddy bears to children in over 60 different countries, and in over 30 different cities in the United States.  In 2014 we distributed a total of 1704 dollies and teddy bears.

This month we mailed out our 2014 DMAD Annual Appeal brochure, which is our main fundraiser.

After covering the business end of our program, a hush went over the crowd as everyone awaited the announcement of the 2014 Dollie Volunteer of the Year Award.  We were reminded that the past (3) winners were Sofia Pocasangre (2011), Marsha Beaver (2012), and Rhonda Greene (2013).  This year’s award went to a group of Dollie ladies – not an individual – who are indispensable to our organization.  Cindy emphasized that “Early on we realized that we had to have dollies with friendly, fun, cheerful faces.  The dollie’s face tells our story, conveys our love, and shares our feelings of good will.  We cannot have a messy or disagreeable face!! We are blessed to have (4) artists who serve as our Face Painters.  They sit together on one side of the table and are focused and work diligently while the rest of us chatter away.  Every so often one of them will lob in a comment…but usually they are hard at work. We are blessed to know them, and to have their expertise and talent.  This year’s 2014 Dollie Volunteer of the Year Award goes to The Face Painters:   Maria Rosetti – Patrice Dworkin – Nita Harper and Laura Schy (not in photo)”.