Acapulco, Mexico: Salvation Army Acapulco Children’s home

January 26, 2015 Blog Post

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Dollie ladies Cindy Simon & Denise Melas are active in the Los Angeles Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority alumni organization. At a recent gathering of Kappas from the many colleges in the area, they met Maxine Hupy.  Maxine travels with her family every Christmas to Acapulco, Mexico and has made it a part of her vacation to volunteer at The Salvation Army Acapulco Children’s Home. We sent Maxine with 20 dollies and 20 teddy bears!

The Salvation Army has had a presence in Acapulco since 1952.  The Children’s Home serves 60 children, 35 boys and 25 girls.  The children living in the home are poor and lack education and structure.  According to the director Major Vera, the majority of the children in his care are not orphans, but have parents who are incapable or unwilling to care for them, due to medical, psychological, or drug problems.  The Acapulco facility is one of 19 of Salvation Army homes in Mexico.