SAVE takes Dollies to Myanmar

January 26, 2015 Blog Post

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Our local newspaper, The Palisadian Post, recently did an article about an organization based in nearby Santa Monica called SAVE “Student Action Volunteer Effort” (    SAVE was created in 2006 by Pediatrician Dr. Marna Geisler with the purpose of providing free, quality health care for people in Myanmar’s under-served areas through the umbrella organization Myanmar Compassion Project.   The article was asking the public for donations of money, toiletries, and toys for their upcoming medical mission to Myanmar.  Navid Brian Noori, a Palisadian and recent college graduate who was in the midst of medical school applications, responded to our offer of dollies and teddy bears.  After inviting Brian to join us at the Dollie table to hear all about his experiences on other SAVE missions, we were so impressed that we encouraged him to apply for a Dollies Making A Difference financial grant.  We awarded SAVE a $1000 grant which will “help pay to recruit the help of native Burmese professionals, who cannot afford to pay their own way on this medical mission. The funds specifically will pay for one army medic, one pharmacist, transportation costs and several translators.

We sent Brian to Myanmar with $1000, and 50 dollies, each wrapped in her own crocheted blankets.