Vietnam and Cambodia

January 26, 2015 Blog Post

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Dollie lady Joyce Landsverk traveled with family and friends to Vietnam and Cambodia in December and served as a first time Dollie Ambassador!  Taking only 4 dollies, Joyce had to be very mindful of who she handed them out to.  Joyce reports:

“On our overnight “junk” boat trip to Halong Bay, Vietnam, our guide Mr. Luong Van Ha showed us a photo on his cellphone of his little girl…so I gave him the first dollie.  His family lives far away in the North Central Highlands, a poorer rice growing area, and he only sees them about 5-7 days a month!  He told me that he  is also the project manager for the two-year old Nam Can Charity Program, an organization which collects donated books and winter clothing for disadvantaged children, and bikes for students who travel over 10 kilometers to school (  So I gave him a second dollie!


A week later we were in Siem Reap, Cambodia where we took a boat trip on Tonie Sap Lake and saw the Floating Village.  When we returned to the dock, we saw some children of local fishermen sitting on the steps.  Our guide said it would be ok to give them dollies. I gave the third dollie to a little girl who was so surprised to receive something so special, that she held it close to her heart.  I gave the fourth dollie to a little girl who shared it with her little brother. Our guide made sure to tell the children that the dollies were a gift from some ladies in America!  I look forward to being a Dollie Ambassador on future trips!”



Tonle Sap 2