Beverly Hills California to Honduras

March 31, 2015 Blog Post

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For the 16th year, volunteers and medical professionals from All Saints Episcopal Church of Beverly Hills flew down to Honduras to participate in an annual medical mission.  Last year (2014) was the first year they did not go, as the visit was put on hold due to safety concerns.  This year however they got the “free and clear” and banded together to be of service to those in need.

A good friend to many Dollie ladies, Patty Lasater is a trained nurse and a parishioner, and has attended each medical mission.  She asked Dollies Making A Difference (DMAD) for “hundreds” of Dollies and Teddy Bears to take with her… we were able to give her 80!

The photos below show how the Dollies were distributed to the children who visited the medical clinic with their parents.  First, the pharmacy packages the Dollies in a large bowl together with the family’s medications and vitamins.  The bowls are then handed off to a trained medical professional who distributes them to the parents. While the parents receive instruction on the proper use and purpose of the meds, the children delight in playing with their new Dollie or Teddy Bear!

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