Our Satellite Dollie members, part Two

March 31, 2015 Blog Post

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Previously we profiled three Satetille Dollie membersmembers who contribute their expertise to Dollies Making A Difference (DMAD) but from afar – and now we’d like to tell you about a few more:

*** The Stitch by Stitch Club is composed of a group of ladies who meet weekly in the LA area to crochet, knit and chat! Their members – Sandy DiSpirito, Judy Kaneko, Cathy Dunn, Sally Kaplan, Maria Alvarez, Sally McCardle, Edna Hyler and Marsha Felsen, among others – work tirelessly creating the most colorful and cozy small Dollie blankets which they generously donate to DMAD. Each blanket is more cheerful than the next!  These ladies also support us in attending our fundraisers and following our website to stay “up to date” on the DMAD news. They are wonderful partners!


*** Rene Kussner is a friend of Dorothy’s, who she met through the late beloved Beverly Delia. Rene loves to make things, and then donate them to those persons who could use something to brighten their day. Along with the many Dollie blankets Rene has made for DMAD, she has crocheted beautiful Patriotic red-white-blue lap blankets, which we have donated to veterans from Wounded Heroes of America, a support organization based in Hawthorne, CA for those who have served in active duty in Afghanistan or Iraq.


*** Alicia Jackson is a friend to Dollies through Dorothy Miyake and Sandy DiSpirito. Alicia’s father Carl Jackson loves to crochet small squares, which The Stitch by Stitch group expands upon and turns into Dollie blankets. Alicia is a Dollie Ambassador. Each Christmas we have given her Dollies and Teddy Bears which she has bundled together with toys and treats to create Christmas gifts for needy children through the ShoeBox Project.

Alicia was also a part of the hundreds of volunteers across the USA who crocheted/knitted yellow and blue scarves for the runners in the 2014 Boston Marathon…as a tribute and memory of those who ran in the 2013 Boston Marathon which ended so tragically. When the runners who received a “Boston Strong” scarf from Alicia asked her how they could properly thank her, she replied, “Support Dollies Making A Difference” and directed them to our website. We are moved and touched by Alicia’s thoughtfulness.


*** Thalia Greeley designs and sews little girl’s dresses, boy’s shirts, bed runners, and matching pillow shams…many from colorful and bold Hawaiian prints. Dorothy first met Thalia at a crafts boutique in Pasadena and struck up a conversation about DMAD. Next thing we know, Thalia is donating bags upon bags of her remnant fabrics to us which we use to make the most beautiful Dollie outfits. See if you agree!

DSC_1874 DSC_1899

*** Patti Post is a Palisadian who loves to sew, and DMAD has been the lucky recipient of some of her beautiful soft flannel Dollie quilts. One of her quilt designs incorporates a pocket where she tucks the Dollie into. She is a busy lady but still finds time to be of service to DMAD, and for this we are grateful.