Williams College to Nicaragua

March 31, 2015 Blog Post

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Williams College is an esteemed liberal arts college located in the small town of Williamstown, Massachusetts. Nestled in the “purple valley” in the far western part of the state, it is most certainly a place of higher learning.  Unique to Williams is their Winter Study program, where for the month of January all students choose to explore, learn, create, and immerse themselves in one particular field of study. Professor Alan White took 12 students and two optometrists last January to Nicaragua on a medical mission trip where they distributed eyeglasses to persons in need.  Before the students departed, each was trained by the New England College of Optometry in administering an eye exam. Not knowing what to expect and since we heard about this trip at the last minute, Dollies Making A Difference sent Mr. White with only 12 Dollies and Teddy Bears.  It turns out that in the seven days there, the medical team saw “around 3,000 people”!  Next year we will plan ahead and send the students with many more! Corbin

Elim Jessamyn