All Saints Episcopal of Beverly Hills travels to Honduras 2015

November 21, 2015 Blog Post

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In March of 2015, volunteers from All Saints Episcopal Church of Beverly Hills made their fifteenth medical mission trip to Honduras. The planned trip the previous year was cancelled due to unrest in Honduras, but this year fortunately they were given the go-ahead.  Over the course of four days, the mission team provided medical care to about 1,100 adults and children.  For many of these people it would be their only visit from a doctor or nurse all year.  The church team took 1,800 pounds of medications and distributed over 200,000 vitamin tables.

They also took Dollies and Teddy Bears from Dollies Making A Difference!  Thank you Dollie Ambassador, Pat Lasater (below)!

Huge thank you to Brian Ide at Meriwether Productions for the exquisite photos.

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