Thanh Hoa Pediatric Hospital, Vietnam

March 15, 2016 Blog Post

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Children’s Surgery International (CSI), a medical mission group out of Minneapolis, MN, made their second trip to Thanh Hoa, Vietnam in late February 2016. They spent 10 days screening over 100 children in preparation for ENT and urology surguries.  CSI made their first trip to Thanh Hoa 6 months ago, so in addition to seeing new patients, the doctors were able to check back with some children they had operated on last year to see how their recovery was going.  It took the 26 doctors, nurses, and volunteers from six different U.S. states over 28 hours + flight time to fly to Hanoi, and then take an 85 mile bus ride south to the city of Thanh Hoa.

Of course we sent Dollies and Teddy Bears with CSI – as we have done numerous times in the past  –  to aid in the process and especially in the recovery! xoxo