Legacy Christian Academy in Uganda

April 18, 2016 Blog Post

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Sometimes a photo says it all!

Legacy Christian Academy is a K-8 school in Valencia, California. Each year volunteers from the school community travel to Uganda to be of service to their “sister school”, Legacy Christian Uganda.  This elementary school was formed five years ago with 15 children, and now 5 years later has 250 students with 50 more signed up to start kindergarten. Dollie Ambassadors Persa and her daughter Alexandria recently visited Uganda, and took along 50 Dollies and Teddy Bears to hand out to the brand new kindergarteners!  What joy!

Uganda Dolls-1 Uganda Dolls-5 Uganda Dolls-11 Uganda Dolls-14 Uganda Dolls-13 Uganda Dolls-12 Uganda Dolls-9 Uganda Dolls-8 Uganda Dolls-15