Cartagena, Colombia

May 30, 2016 Blog Post

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YOU TOO can be a Dollie Ambassador!  When Cindy & Bill Simon went on vacation to Cartagena, Colombia they decided to take a duffle bag of Dollies with them. Friends at the Urban Sqush Colombia program told them about Antonio Santos elementary school where many of their players come from.  Cindy & Bill handed Dollies out one by one to delighted first graders.

Cindy asked a few questions such as “Which hair is your favorite?” LONG and YELLOW! “Which of the dresses are your favorite?” The PINK ones!

Are YOU going on vacation near or far where there could be children who would love a special Dollie or Teddy Bear?  Let us know and we will create them for you! Email us at:

IMG_2643 IMG_2653 IMG_2660 IMG_2657 IMG_2636

Be sure and bring a few extra for the Principal and Teachers!!!!