Helps International goes to Guatemala

July 17, 2016 Blog Post

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We read in our local newspaper about Palisadian, Joanie Blanchard, a retired nurse from Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, who would be making a medical mission trip for the 13th time to Guatemala.  She would be traveling with over 90 other medical professionals from around the country including doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, dentists and lay people on behalf of Helps International, an organization who has been serving people in Guatemala for over 30 years!  When we contacted Joanie, she was excited to take Dollies and Teddy Bears with her.

Joanie told us thousands of people would be visiting their clinic, where last year over 130 surgeries were performed.


Photos from Joanie’s recent visit in May 2016

This little girl – Esmeralda – would be having a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy to relieve cronic throat infections.


Maybe the next time we should send extra Dollies and Teddy Bears for the nurses and doctors… to keep!


The “crafty ladies” group at Carpinteria Community Church made the many crocheted blankets which we wrapped around each and every Dollie.



A photo is worth a THOUSAND WORDS!