JewishCare in Australia

August 5, 2016 Blog Post

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Dollie Ambassador Terri Jackson lives in Sydney, Australia where she works as an in-take counselor at JewishCare. This non-profit organization was conceived in 1935 as a compassionate response to the atrocities in Europe, providing assistance to over 200 Jews escaping persecution in Nazi Germany by offering a safe haven in Australia. Today, over 80 years later, JewishCare provides a wide range of services to over 4,000 of the most vulnerable people in Sydney, Australia; the aged, people with disabilities, families and youth in crisis, and people with mental health issues.

Terri was visiting family in Los Angeles when she joined us at the Dollie table.  Upon hearing of the work she does with children, we sent her home with an armful of Dollies and Teddy Bears.  This photo is of Terri with her very youngest client Rafael, and his sister Shira.  She said, “They adore the Dollie and Teddy Bear … their faces say it all!”