Making a Difference in Nicaragua

April 24, 2017 Blog Post

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Since 2014, Dollies Making A Difference has awarded over 50 financial grants to worthy non-profit organizations who partner with us.

Last year we made a grant to NICA “Nicaragua Initiative for Community Advancement” to purchase (10) tablets for children in their CREA after-school program.  The CREA program provides “…educational reinforcement to students and teachers using internet and technology“.  In delivering a high speed internet connection, CREA enables students and teachers to access a wide variety of on-line educational classes in English, math and reading.

Here is a note we received recently from NICA:

“I’m writing to show you photos of the (10) tablets that Dollies Making A Difference’s grant funded last year, and to say thank you once again for helping change the lives of children in El Transito, Nicaragua. 

I wanted to take the opportunity to share just one story. The mother of Cristian Orozco, now a third grader at Douglas Vasquez Elementary School, told us that she believed her son learned to read only because of the extra time he was able to spend on his tablet. When Cristian started school last year, he couldn’t read or write a word. Because he was older, he was placed in second grade even though he’d never gone to school before! His mother was obviously nervous for him. But with the self-paced iStation Spanish program, he was able to catch up to his classmate and pass on to third grade. She was beyond thrilled.

Overall, students are scoring 36% higher in reading and 9% higher in math since the start of the CREA program. Thank you so much for helping to give these children the chance for a brighter future, in addition to all you already do to make their lives happier.