OUR HOUSE Grief Support Center

July 1, 2017 Blog Post

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We were contacted by a friend of ours from OUR HOUSE Grief Support Center in Los Angeles.  Three weekends each summer OUR HOUSE hosts Camp Erin-Los Angeles and Camp Erin-Orange County.  The weekend-long camp provides children an opportunity to learn coping skills, enjoy traditional summer camp activities, and connect with other children who are also grieving the death of someone close. OUR HOUSE volunteers wondered if Dollies Making A Difference could provide 101 of our one-of-a-kind Dollies and Teddy Bears as a comfort item to the children attending the camp… and we exclaimed, “YES YES YES” and got to work!

Our friend Jayne sent us this message at the conclusion of Camp Erin-Los Angeles:

“I never would have imagined the joy these Dollies and Teddy Bears could bring to these kids. It was truly heartwarming to behold. Not only are these kids grieving the death of someone close… In this camp in particular, we had 80% of the campers below poverty level. I don’t think these kids get much of anything, never mind something to love and cuddle. It was just what the doctor ordered!:):)”