Laure in the Congo

July 2, 2017 Blog Post

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Dollie lady Laure Weber travels several times a year as a medical professional with Doctors without Borders.  In June, Laure left for 2 months to work in The Democratic Republic of the Congo, where she is responsible for co-ordinating psychological services for children, families, and residents of this country that is in the middle of a raging civil war.  Laure was only able to pack a few Dollies with her, and we wished we could have sent her with ten times more.

Laure’s story from the city of Kananga, the capital city of Lulua Province in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (population 450,000):

“I’m using the Dollies therapeutically until I leave, and then I will give them away. The girls that are war wounded love to come into my office and play with or just hold the Dollies. Their stories are horrible and tragic but the girls are darling and lovely. They each pick out a Dollie that they like and then each day that they come to see me they play with/hold that particular Dollie. I wish I had enough to give to each child as they left the hospital, some with amputated limbs that will never see prosethics, but that would require many more Dollies. Give my hello to all”