Casa Franciscana de Guaymas Mission

July 3, 2017 Blog Post

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Amber Brown, found Dollies Making A Difference through our website. Amber volunteers for a non-profit called Casa Franciscana Outreach, a nonprofit based in Phoenix, AZ which serves the poor of Guaymas, Mexico.  Among the many services Casa Franciscana provides is a dental/medical clinic. Amber was making a trip to Guaymas in April and wanted to take Dollies and Teddy Bears to distribute to the children who will be seeing a dentist for the first time… with the hope our “cuddly friends” would bring even a tiny bit of comfort as they  sit nervously in the dental chair! Each Dollie and Teddy Bear were wrapped in cloth quilts created by Westside Quilters of Santa Monica, CA. Many of the children in Guaymas have never seen a dentist and the need is great for education on hygiene and care.

After Amber returned from her visit, she sent us a few photos and a short story about her experience. By doing so, Casa Franciscana Outreach was now qualified to apply for a Dollies Making A Difference financial grant, which they submitted right away.  Dollies Making A Difference awarded the dental/medical clinic $2000, which will fund a long list of of new equipment, instruments and materials to ensure that the children in Guaymas, Mexico will get the best dental care possible.  Then, a team of Phoenix dentists donated over 300 toothbrushes, toothpaste and dental floss kits, as it was discovered that households in Guaymas often share one toothbrush. “To Give is to Receive”!

This is just one example where we find worthy recipient organizations through our website.