Cradle of Love – A Dollie Ambassador’s story

August 13, 2017 Blog Post

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The joy of serving as a Dollie Ambassador:

I can’t begin to put into words the amazing experience we had taking the dollies and teddy bears to the “Cradle of Love” Orphanage in Tanzania.  For the few weeks that the box of dollies sat in my entry waiting for us to depart, I would tear up just looking at them and anticipating the impact that they would have.  One of the most difficult parts of taking donations to these developing nations, is that often we don’t have enough to give one to each child, which results in mayhem.  It was so wonderful to arrive at the orphanage with a special doll/ bear for EVERY child.  How can there be so many children that go through life with NO parent, no one to tuck them in and kiss them goodnight ? These precious babies stole our hearts from the first moment, and one of the most exciting days was when we brought the dollies and teddys bears – all wrapped in blankets – and handed them out one by one to each child.  We had enough left over to deliver to a family living in DIRE POVERTY in a compound that we passed every day on our way to the orphanage.  THANK YOU THANK YOU     

Dollie Ambassador, Mindy Hawkins