“Winding Way… Walking, Talking, Listening”

November 7, 2017 Blog Post

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“Winding Way” began as a discussion around the Dollie table in early September 2017. We were talking about how everyday life seemed so rushed, to the point where we often found ourselves too busy to appreciate the wonder of this special community we live in – Pacific Palisades, CA. Some members also spoke of bigger issues such as how divisive our country had become, and how stressful that made us feel. We wanted to do something that would be inspiring, as well as bring a little peace of mind to our lives… and then share that. We began envisioning a short term public art installation, and the YMCA pumpkin patch seemed like the perfect location since Simon Meadow is so naturally beautiful. We reached out to local landscaper designer Tracey Price of American Growers, to help us design and install a walking path through a grove of coast live oak trees at the edge of Simon Meadow. We wanted to make this path colorful and inviting. We collected hundreds of branches and twigs and wrapped them with ribbon, yarn, and fabric. We placed these “talking sticks” into clay pots, hung them from tree limbs and sunk them into the ground to frame the walking path. We created seating areas for rest and relaxation. We posted a few signs to encourage discussion. At the end of the path, we placed a large round table and surrounded it with as many chairs as possible.  We brought over a huge box of yarn and string, glue, scissors and lots of sticks! Everyone was invited to join together to make a“talking stick” of their own, and either add it to “Winding Way”or take it home.
The motto of Dollies Making A Difference is “To Give is to Receive”.  By creating “Winding Way… Walking, Talking, Listening”, we were able to give back to our community by creating an experience of peace, reflection and cheer for all to enjoy.