Indiana University goes to Uganda

November 15, 2017 Blog Post

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Students from the SPEA (School of Public and Environmental Affairs) at Indiana University embarked on a service trip last spring to Jinga, Uganda.  Through a partnership with The Foundation for Sustainable Development’s (FSD), students gained hands-on experience in sustainable development, working side by side local community leaders.

We sent the students with a big suitcase of Dollies!  Here is what we heard back from Margaret Nassozi Amanyire, the FSD’s director in Uganda:

“On behalf of the Jinja community, I wish to sincerely thank you for the dollies donation we received from the Indiana University students.  We took a lot of care in selecting the children to benefit from this donation… those we considered in the greatest need of dollies.

Dollies were handed out to young children who live in Lwambogo Village, located in the middle of Madhivani sugar plantations. These families are refugees from Juba, South Sudan, a war torn country.  These families depend on providing cheap labour to the sugar factories in order to survive.  The children in this village have very little to play with given the situation of their parents.  Please know the parents are so grateful to your kindness because they didn’t know anybody could ever think of their children.  

May God reward you abundantly”