Small Steps in Houston

November 18, 2017 Blog Post

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In late August 2017 Hurricane Harvey tore through southern Texas and devastated Houston and the surrounding area.  The National Weather Service had warned the people of Houston and beyond, “This event will be unprecedented and all impacts are unknown and beyond anything we’ve ever experienced.” They were true to their word. Many thousands of families sought refuge in shelters as torrential rain flooded the city.  When the waters finally receded, people returned to their communities to find their homes and belongings damaged beyond repair. A very real disaster had occurred, and one that would take years to repair and resolve.

The members of Dollies Making A Difference wanted so badly to help, but how? Dollie Ambassador John Cadarette quickly called a business colleague who lives in Houston, who was able to connect us with Small Steps Nuturing Center, which works with economically underprivileged children through their two nursery schools.  Most of the children at the center were affected by the hurricane in a myriad of ways.  We asked the director, “Could we send comfort to these children, in the form of our Dollies and Teddy Bears?”  and received a resounding “YES!”.  We quickly got to work and mailed close to 70 Dollies and Teddy Bears to children at Small Steps.  

Such a small gesture for such a huge problem, but the smiles show us even the smallest act of care can make a huge difference!