Aloha Medical Mission spreads Aloha in Nepal

January 30, 2018 Blog Post

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We are always on the look out for worthy recipient organizations for our Dollies and Teddy Bears… and we find them in the most unexpected places!

A Dollie lady was in the midst of her annual exam with her Los Angeles internist, when the good doctor casually mentioned he was going on a medical mission to India with a team of doctors from Hawaii!  BINGO!

We contacted Aloha Medical Mission in Honolulu, Hawaii.  It turned out they had a trip to Nepal planned that was departing in two weeks, so we sent Dollies and Teddy Bears with them to Nepal… and then a month later with the good doctor to India!

Here is what Aloha Medical Mission had to say about their trip to Nepal:

“In November 2017 nearly 50 doctors, nurses, dentists and lay volunteers from various parts of the United States along with a few Nepali doctors and volunteers descended in Kathmandu, Nepal for a medical/dental mission sponsored by the Aloha Medical Mission (AMM) based in Honolulu, Hawaii. The actual mission took place in a small town called Lahan which is located approximately 200 miles away in southeastern Nepal close to the Indian border.  AMM was last in Lahan in 2012. The hospital there does not perform any surgeries, except C-sections… thus there is a huge need for a variety surgeries and dental care for people of all ages. Lahan is located on a highway connecting southeast Nepal to southwest Nepal, and while commerce is a source of income for these people, there is a large farming community.  People who work on these farms from sunrise to sunset get paid less than one dollar per day.  Life is tough in Lahan.

During our 10 days of serving the people of Lahan, we saw 789 dental patients, did 570 dental extractions and 263 dental fillings.  Sadly, their oral health is poor!  136 of these patients were children less that 12 years old, many of who have never seen a dentist before.

We handed out every single one of the Dollies we brought with us from DOLLIES MAKING A DIFFERENCE.  We noticed once a child received their very own Dollie, the child’s anxiety over visiting the dentist disappeared…in fact, a sense of joy arose!  Even the mothers broke out into huge smiles! We at Aloha Medical Mission received a sense of satisfaction that all is good. 

DOLLIES DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE… what binds humans around the world is a sense of caring, love and joy.  

We thank you and the Dollie ladies for bringing a sense of caring, love and joy to far away Lahan !!”