We are always in search of persons and/or organizations who would like to partner with us.

Since 2014, we have donated $109,475
to our partner organizations.

DATE Organization Amount Purpose
February, 2018 Aloha Medical Mission $2000 to fund medical supplies such as IV fluids, pain medication, and dental supplies to serve persons in need in Nepal
February, 2018 The Book Foundation $1000 to purchase board books and books for babies and toddlers 0-3 years of age
February, 2018 Homes of Hope India $2000 to purchase 150 chickens and a colony of rabbits, and chicken and rabbit feed for one year at Mercy Home Orphanage, in Churachandpur, India
November, 2017 Dillon Henry Foundation $2000 to fund secondary education for one year for three teenage girls living
in the Home for Pregnant Teens in the Congo
November, 2017 BlinkNow $2000 to purchase three computers for BlinkNow's Futures program which serves children in 10th, 11th and 12th grade at Kopila School in Nepal
November, 2017 Pangea Educational Development $1000 to purchase specialized books, new carpeting, pillows and beanbags, bookshelves and literacy focused children's games for two community centers in Uganda (Fort Portal and Katale)
November, 2017 Nicaragua Initiative for Community Advancement, Inc, (NICA) $2000 to provide furnishings such as desks, tables and chairs for the computer lab within the new community center in El Transito, Nicaragua
November, 2017 Quasem Foundation $2000 to establish a partnership with Days for Girls to purchase and distribute 570 cloth menstrual hygiene kits in Northern Bangladesh
November, 2017 Rainbow Kitchen $2000 to fund the purchase of 600 hot meals for the 174 children who participate in the Kids Cafe program in Pittsburgh, PA
November, 2017 Williams College $2000 to fund the purchase of 4,000 pairs of readers and sunglasses for children in the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua, delivered by Williams College winter-study students
September, 2017 Days for Girls $2000 to fund fabric, thread and other supplies needed to create sustainable hygiene kits for women around the world
September, 2017 Hearts with Hope $2000 to fund one open heart surgery on a child in Lima Peru, and all medications and device supplies needed
July, 2017 OUR HOUSE Grief Support Center $2000 to cover the cost of one child to attend Camp Erin LA, a summer camp which provides comfort and coping skills for children who have lost a loved one.
June, 2017 Casa Franciscana Outreach $2000 to fund dental care and equipment for children in Guaymas, Mexico
May, 2017 Medicine for Humanity $2000 to fund fistula surgery and care for women in Uganda
April, 2017 Unatti Foundation $2000 to provide educational funding and care for two Unatti Foundation students in Nepal - (6) year old Samriddhi and (20) year old Suku Laxmi
April, 2017 Carpinteria Community Church Women's Association $750 Funds will be used to purchase thread, elastic, pillowcases for pillowcase dresses, fabric for sewing dresses, shorts, and small blankets for children in need
April, 2017 CASA Los Angeles $2000 to add funding to a special program called Dillon's Fund, which provides disbursements to youth in foster care who are in special need of immediate financial support
April, 2017 Genesis Women's Shelter & Support, Dallas, Texas USA $2000 to provide funding for storybooks, sensory toys and cozy blankets in the "Calm Down Center" for the preschool program in this shelter which provides care and support for women & children who have experienced domestic abuse
March, 2017 Lighthouse Medical Mission $2000 to purchase medications and vitamins for 2017 medical mission trip to Gambia, West Africa and Guatemala, Central America
March, 2017 The Book Foundation $1000 to purchase high-interest books for distribution to child at Foster Care Counts Mother's Day Celebration
March, 2017 Helps Team Los Angeles $2000 to purchase medications and vitamins for 2017 medical mission trip to Guatemala
February, 2017 Homes of Hope India $2000 to purchase (2) inverters which will be used to supply much needed back-up power to the new #9 orphanage in Dimpur, Nagaland
January, 2017 All Saint's Episcopal Church $2000 to establish a "special needs" fund to contribute to the cost of out-of-the-ordinary medical care that may arise during the 2017 medical mission trip to Honduras
January, 2017 Children's Surgery International $2000 to provide medications and antibiotics for the Thanh Hoa, Vietnam (March) and Hermosillo, Mexico (October) medical missions
November, 2016 Wounded Heroes of America $2000 to provide toys and blankets for families of veterans in southern California and Navajo Nation
November, 2016 BlinkNow $2000 to fund TB testing and treatment on 350 students at Kopila Valley Children's Home and School, Nepal
November, 2016 Good Shepherd Lutheran Church/CEDAN $1600 to purchase medicine, vitamins, and lab tests for over 1200 persons in need of medical care in rural Haiti
August, 2016 Global Spine Outreach $2000 To fund a portion of the cost of obtaining specialized spinal implant instrumentation systems for the surgical intervention and treatment of 10-15 children with severe spinal deformities on the upcoming medical mission trip to Cali, Colombia
August, 2016 International Extremity Project $2000 Funds will be used to obtain surgical equipment, post-op hospitalization and medication, corrective braces, casting supplies and supportive devices for the upcoming medical mission visit to correct children's foot and ankle deformities in Can Tho, Vietnam
August, 2016 Violence Intervention Program of Los Angeles $2000 Funds will be used to create baby bundles composed of diaper bags, blankets, diapers, etc to give young mothers the essentials to keep their babies safe, healthy, and happy.
July, 2016 Nicaragua Initiative for Community Advancement Inc. $2000 Funds will be used to purchase ten ASUS ZenPad 10" tablets for the CREA learning program at Douglas Vasquez School in El Transito, Nicaragua
July, 2016 Medicine for Humanity $2000 To fund "obstetrics fistula surgery" for eight women in Mbarara, Uganda (surgery, room and board, food, transportation)

May, 2016 GracePoint Student Ministries $1000 To purchase a large variety of prescription eyeglasses to serve families in Tijuana/Tecate/Roserito communities of Mexico during their home building mission
May, 2016 Lighthouse Medical Mission $2000 To purchase medications and medical supplies for the September 2016 medical mission trip to Guatemala
April, 2016 Hearts with Hope Foundation $2000 To purchase devices, supplies and all medications required for one open heart surgery on a child born with congenital heart disease in Manila, Philippines
April, 2016 International Medical Corps $2000 To provide psychosocial support, screenings, and referral services to Syrian refugee children who have escaped their country
April, 2016 Homes of Hope India $2000 to provide desks and benches for two study hall rooms at Homes of Home India orphanage in Kokrajhar, Assam
March, 2016 Carpinteria Community Church Women’s Association $750 Funds will be used to purchase thread, elastic, pillowcases, fabric for sewing dresses, shorts, and small blankets for children in need
March, 2016 Chase Child Life Center UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital $5000 To fund The Everyday Wish Fund, which provides special experiences for children receiving treatment
March, 2016 The Book Foundation $1000 To purchase high interest literary titles for Back2School Giveaway, and “The Family Book” by Todd Parr, for children served by Foster Care Counts
February, 2016 Unatti Foundation $2000 To cover the cost of a year of residency for 5 year old girl “Samridi” at The Unatti Group home for Girls in Nepal, and to purchase hygiene products, clothes, and a wide variety of creative art supplies for The Unatti School in Nepal
February, 2016 Children’s Surgery International $2000 To provide funds to purchase medicines for medical mission trips to Kenya and Vietnam
January, 2016 Dandora Africa Wellness Network $2000 To provide funds for the purchase of an ambulance for use at the Maternal Child Health Care Center on the grounds of Holy Cross Parish in Dandora, Kenya
January, 2016 All Saints’ Episcopal Church of Beverly Hills $2000 To provide funds for vitamins and dental hygiene products for upcoming medical mission trip to Honduras
November, 2016 Wounded Heroes of America $2000 To purchase Holiday gifts for children of fallen and wounded service members
November, 2015 Lighthouse Medical Mission $1000 To provide funding for medication and antibiotics for children in Villa Nueva, Guatemala
October, 2015 International Medical Corps $1000 To provide urgently needed humanitarian supplies such as blankets and hygiene kits to refugee families traveling through eastern Europe
September, 2015 Doctors Without Borders $2000 To purchase 20 sets of protective gear to allow medical staff to safely care for Ebola patients in Guinea
July, 2015 Children’s Surgery International $2000 To provide funds for children over the age of 6 in Vietnam who need surgery but do not have health insurance
May, 2015 International Medical Corps $1000 To provide humanitarian relief to victims of the earthquake in Nepal
May, 2015 Navajeevana Orphanage, Bangalore INDIA $925 Funds will be used to purchase a variety of musical instruments for the instrumental and vocal music program
May, 2015 Women’s Carpinteria Community Church $750 Funds will be used to purchase thread, elastic, pillowcases, fabric for sewing dresses, shorts, and small blankets for children in need
March, 2015 Unatti Foundation $1500 Funds will be used to “sponsor” the schooling, housing, and personal needs of “Samriddhi”, a 4 year old girl who has recently joined the Unatti Family in Nepal.
March, 2015 The Book Foundation $1000 #1 Purchase high interest books for youth to be distributed at The Foster Care Counts Mother’s Day Event, #2 purchase books for the Food for Thought program.
February, 2015 Lighthouse Medical Mission $1000 #1 Procure medication and supplies for medical mission trip to Tanzania, #2 Help fund the cost of food and clothing to be sent in a container to those suffering from Ebola in Sierra Leone
December, 2014 Children’s Surgery International $1000 Purchase medical mission supplies such as sutures, wound care medications and other essential items we are unable to have donated
November, 2014 Casa Teresa $1000 Will support Casa Teresa’s onsite Nurse to provide well-baby checks and developmental screenings to the infants and toddlers born to homeless mothers in Southern California
November, 2014 Wounded Heroes of America $1000 provide funds for Holiday gifts for the children and teens of the Wounded Heroes of America organization in Southern California
November, 2014 MacArthur Christian $1000 provide funds to enable two students to join the Mission Team’s annual humanitarian homebuilding mission trip to Tijuana and Tecate Mexico
November, 2014 Student Action Volunteer Effort (SAVE) $1000 To assist in funding of local heath professional’s and translator’s expenses during SAVE’s medical mission trip to Mynanmar
September, 2014 Foster Care Counts $1000 Purchase 5 refurbished laptops with a full Microsoft suite of software and technical support
for 5 young persons in foster care entering college
September, 2014 BlinkNow Foundation $1000 Provide academic tutoring and coaching to struggling students at Kopila Valley School, Nepal
March, 2014 Valley of Vision for Haiti $500 Purchase of a dental exam chair and medications for a new dental clinic in Haiti
March, 2014 Lighthouse Medical Mission $1000 Supporting the good work of medical missions to Western Africa
April, 2014 Carpinteria Community Church $200 Provide funding for purchase of pillowcases for the Pillowcase Dress Project Women’s Association for children in need
April, 2014 Humanitarian Mission $500 Provide items and services to children at the Dickey Orphanage Chantal Prunier in Tibet
April, 2014 Hearts with Hope Foundation $1000 Procure all medications required for one open heart surgery during medical mission to Arequipa, Peru