When the devastating 2010 earthquake ripped through the small country of Haiti, many wondered, “How can we help?”

A group of ladies on the westside of Los Angeles joined together and made the decision to direct our support to the children, many of whom had lost their parents and their homes, and would be in great need of comfort and care. We began sewing cloth dolls, and we called this effort The Haitian Dollie Project.

After sending Dollies to Haiti we decided to expand our reach to other young persons who could possibly find happiness in receiving a Dollie. Thus began Dollies Making A Difference (DMAD).

Soon we added soft, colorful Teddy Bears to the mix. We've sent Dollies and Teddy Bears all over the world: to orphanages, hospitals, schools, and family shelters. "Dollie Ambassadors" include nurses and doctors traveling to far away countries on medical mission trips, students embarking on a humanitarian visit, volunteers of a home building team, or families traveling to a country where they want to give back. "Dollie Ambassadors" can also serve close to home, taking Dollies and Teddy Bears to children in foster care, a nursery school, or children's hospital. We never cease to be amazed and touched by the stories our "Dollie Ambassadors" share with us...to say nothing of the heart-warming photos!

In 2014 we created Dollies Making A Difference Financial Grants, offering worthy non-profits who partner with us to have the opportunity to apply for funding to continue their good work.

We have discovered that “To Give is to Receive."

We enjoy the camaraderie we experience from one another as we sit around a large table and sew and stuff the bodies, paint faces, cut out colorful fabric for dresses, skirts, and shorts, add decorative trim and ribbon, and crochet or sew yarn into all kinds of hairstyles...all the while chatting away about anything that comes to mind! We delight in knowing that our efforts could allow a special connection to happen between a "Dollie Ambassador" and the child they are handing the Dollie to, and joy the child receives as she holds it close to her heart.

Will you partner with us?

Please help us identify persons or organizations with an interest in taking our dollies along with them on a humanitarian visit, a medical mission, or a first response disaster trip. Perhaps you know of a children’s hospital, orphanage, health clinic, or nursery school program where there are children who would delight in receiving a Dollie or Teddy Bear to brighten their day.